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Expanding on my Twitter profile, a few lines about me, my interests and what I tweet about.

Me: I started  at Salmon Brothers and Citicorp (Fixed Income and Arbitrage). Then, in 2000, I got bored and founded the first European sponsored search engine (Godado). I later worked for Overture (the first sponsored search engine) as VP Commercial Strategy Europe, Yahoo as VP Operational Strategy Europe, and then Truvo as VP New Media.. Now I am VP International at PubMatic, the leading Sell Side Platform. You can find out more here.

My interests and Tweets: I tweet about my interests (surprise!): online media, internet in general, mobile, viral marketing, social media, advertising, monetization, online products and cool stuff. I also am interested in the economy and investing.

My blog: I blog about my interests (again!), and try to provide some added value by investigating what something means in a broader context. Comments are welcome (I mean it!).

I lived in London, Los Angeles, Milan and Antwerp. I am currently in Italy – nope, I am mostly in London!

Hope you enjoy my Tweets and Posts. If not, by all means please let me know. If yes, I’d be equally glad to know.

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PSS: I don’t do auto-follow. But if you like to be followed, please send an @gianlucacarrera, you’ll be welcome.

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